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Reimagining AI to connect science and policy

We’re using AI to answer our most challenging policy questions

The breadth and depth of human research is now so great we need new tools to find it, make sense of it, and get it to the people who can use it.

When we use AI to intelligently search for evidence across an ever-expanding landscape of scientific research, we are able to connect policy to scientific insight.

We can enrich our answers to vital questions—which populations are most impacted by food security, climate change, and gender discrimination?

We can connect approaches across different fields to the same issues and problems. 

We combine AI and Machine Learning with proven, transparent methods of scientific evaluation to deliver high-impact summaries and reports. 

We help decision-makers quickly access and make sense of the best available evidence for policy on issues of critical global concern.


What we offer


Our machine-learning model has been designed to bring together unstructured text from science and agency organizations to deliver actionable insights.


We offer virtual training and tools for researchers and analysts to conduct a thorough, structured evidence-based reviews based on the gold standard methods developed in health and medicine.


We are available to work with funding organizations and not-for-profits to create custom datasets and analytics.

Current and recent projects

An evidence-based review looking at proliferation of digital technology and data analytics in agriculture contributing to the lives of farmers and agricultural service providers.

A three-year and multi-institutional initiative that brings together evidence and cost-modelsto support coordinated G-7 donor decision making as they explore their role in the international effort to end hunger (Sustainable Development Goal 2). .

IFAD used AI techniques to extract insights from its investment portfolio. Using historical facts to make predictions about future outcomes can lead to more impactful rural development investments that support the achievement of strategic objectives and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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